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It is done 2011 May 4 20:04

Posted by diamond in : Random , trackback

Yesterday myself and noirin got divorced. It took 8 months of separation before we finally saw a divorce lawyer, but only 3 weeks to actually get a court date and all the paperwork in order. As for the court hearing itself, it went as well as it could. By the end i was monosyllabic.

During the last hour as my wife, noirin made me look at pictures of shoes, and promise to never be in charge of a power plant. It was a glimpse into what we’d shared.

The marriage is over. This is not a cause for celebration, nor is it a cause for regret. It is simply necessary, it is what it is.

It is what it is.


1. liv - 2011 May 4 21:51


2. Bernie O'Callaghan - 2011 May 16 13:43

So sad for you both. You are two lovely people and I really hope that you will always be friends.