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A cynic is just a realist you don’t agree with yet

In my last post, I mentioned I had about a dozen things to wrap up. Oh, how I mock myself for this ludicrously optimistic statement. I have what seems like several thousand things to “wrap up”, all in a rather short space of time. In retrospect, it appears I have the organisational skills of a rather stupid fish. Despite having known about this move for several months, I seem to have left most of the actual arranging of things to the last available 3 days, thus making my life a logistical nightmare of spectacular proportion.

People keep asking me if I am excited. Interestingly, the answer is no. 3 months ago when the move was approved, I was excited. I suspect when I touch down in Newark (only airport in the world that is an anagram of “wanker”, as someone pointed out to me) I will be excited. But right now it has not sunk in and doesn’t feel real. What does feel real is the burgeoning pressure of meeting everyone I want to see before leaving, and the increasing urgency of terminating all contracts and ensuring that I have transportation for all my belongings.

I am not excited, nor am I worried. This is by far the easiest move psychologically which I have made since moving down the road to live in a student estate for the summer of 2001. I already know where I will stay for a whole month, I have already been to the city and done a lot of walking, not to mention getting the hang of public transportation. I already know how to get to my flat, my office, and how to actually do my work. In my head, this is by far less daunting than moving to London, aside from the fact that it is rather far away

What I am is merely incredibly, stressfully, busy.

And now for something rather banal…

As the move to New York looms closer it becomes difficult to keep various people informed of what is actually happening, what stage the visa is at, whether I will be homeless upon arrival etc. So this post is just for anyone who wants to know what is happening with the move, if you are seeking to be entertained, stop reading now.

Yesterday I went to the US embassy, which is a monument to beaurocracy.  Unfortunately I can’t really complain about it, because despite the fact that I waited for approximately 4 hours to be processed, I cannot say with any degree of certainty that it could have been done any faster. The sheer volume of people queuing for visas of all kinds was unbelievable, and there is potentially a 6 week wait to actually get to be in that queue. When I actually got as far as the interview I was asked 3 questions, only one of which I could really answer, and I was informed that my visa had been approved. Today I got a call to say it would be delivered to me tomorrow, well ahead of the advised processing time of 5 days.

I also now have a corporate apartment in manhattan booked for the first month, and I have managed to wrangle myself a business class flight over (purely through luck I assure you, my company are not generous with personal flights). Overall, things look very good, it’s all coming together. I know a couple of poeple through work, and some friends have been furnishing me with contact details of people they think I might like to hang out with. I already have several visitors scheduled as well, so its a relief to know I will actually be there to receive them :)

There are still about a dozen things for me to wrap up here, but overall it looks pretty good. America, here I come….