I’m that girl with the unnecessarily big sword

Just kidding. Usually its a knife, swords don’t pack down so well.

I’m a lot of things, some of them are even cool and interesting. Obviously those are the only kind I’ll be putting on the internet, no-one wants to know what I ate for breakfast or what kind of goop is in my hair right now. This blog is for updates on my life of the hopefully non-banal variety. It’s about where I am, what I’m doing, what I’m learning, and most frequently whatever has pissed me off today. Its also mostly for me.

Comment on anything, I censor nothing and only delete spam. but know that the person who signs their posts “Mom” actually is my mother. So all vicious outpourings will be read by a middle-aged Irish lady who may actually be the nicest person in the world. Its your karma :)

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