Crap Poker

Yes, its time for an increasingly infrequent update!

Introduced to me by some friends last week, Crap Poker is a great way of recycling and disposing of your unwanted junk. Recipe below…

1. Gather all the unwanted junk that you don’t want from around your house. Have friends do the same.

2. Congregate at someone’s house. Bring the Crap with you.

3. Gather round a table. Write a slip of paper for each item you have brought [eg. Animatrix VHS, CD Rack].

4. Around the table, allocate a number to each item, value 1-3 [3 being highest]. VHS tapes are usually 1, DVDs may be 1 or 2 depending on content, a PC desk may be 3.
5. Use the bits of paper as poker chips, with values as set previously. You may require a pack of cards at this point. The maximum numeric crap unit value bet in a hand is 10.
The great thing about this game is that you may find yourself wanting to A) lose to get rid of stuff you don’t want, and also B) win to get something that your opponent is nuts to want rid of ‘cos its great [and in so doing pick up your crap again].

The game can be brought to a more interesting end by playing the final hand ‘blind’ – cards are dealt face down, you can swap cards twice but you are not allowed to look at what you have until after bidding is concluded. A good, but risky way of attempting to get rid of your final pile of junk.

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