So, was looking at diamond’s blog and thought it looked quite shiny. So here’s a new skin on this one and maybe I’ll play with it some more.

Spent the day trying to fix mysql on my server (or more to the point learn how to use it properly) and messing with some apache 2 stuff. Why do I have the awful feeling I’ll go home today and the whole thing will just be diring a horrible death in the attic.

Also working on thesis – god that thing is boring me to tears at this stage.


I think that best describes my new-founf respect for CSS, XHTML and PHP (thanks to a helpful hint from diamond). Just finished applying some tweaks to my new webpage style so going to add the content today. It’s fairly basic but not bad for a weekend messing with CSS and it’s wonders. Also I now hate the GIMP for basic drawing of any kind.

The big advantage of using a .css here is that Jalbum will use it as well and generate pages that just “fit-in for the webpage. Expect me to upload pictures much more regurally now. 

 Alas as with all webpages, I’m wanting a new style already. Spotted one on Zengarden that I like so I’m going to go with something like that for the next iteration.

In other news:

My Treo is fixed!

Took the guide at and opened the phone up, adding some glitter (read tinfoil), wrapped it around the battery connector and hey presto the phone no longer buzzes on conversations.

Other than that busy as hell with clubs and societies in UL at the moment. Skynet has the AGM on Tuesday so need to do some work on accounts for the next few days. Urgh!

Right molc tuning out. 

So thought I’d give a blgo since Nonado now supports them (Thanks Niall ;))

 Today shall be christened “company X” rant. Dave is going to “escalate” matters with some senior managers to see if we can make progress. If it falls through then I’m going to be changed to another company to do my testing. This is an issue since I’ll have to learn everything all over aga. Don’t want to be 60 and getting a masters. So fingers crossed that I don’t get fucked :/