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Reading material

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Before I lose track with semi-random reading, a general guiding list would be useful:

  • General graph theory
  • Blockmodelling – potentially the main focus of the PhD, I haven’t quite decided yet, but it’ll be an important component anyway. This splits into:
    • Structural
    • Regular (or generalized) and
    • Stochastic

    An idea to incorporate overlapping community search is a thought, but not a very deep one as it stands – will need to return to this.

  • General network theory (ties with graph, but more applied) – specifically to look at current and competing theories and techniques.
  • Some statistics/machine learning – e.g. goodness-of-fit/clustering methods – the theory behind.
  • General programming top-up – in particular C++ and Python (also Matlab, if that counts 🙂 ).

Currently, I am reading interpretation and evaluation of blockmodels, as well as comparing clusterings. Using Mendeley as a way of sharing and keeping track of papers appears to be handy.