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Code snippet: all paths between two nodes in a graph

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

An adapted version (of code found at Python patterns) for finding all the paths between two given nodes in a NetworkX graph, with the additional limit of length k (where k is the maximum number of edges in the path).

def find_all_paths_lim(graph, start, end, k, path=[]):
  path = path + [start]
  if start == end:
    return [path]
  if not start in graph:
    return []
  paths = []
  for node in graph[start]:
    if node not in path:
      if len(path) < k+1:
        newpaths = find_all_paths_lim(graph, node, end, k, path)
        for newpath in newpaths:
  return paths

So, for example:

import networkx as nx
G.add_edge("spam","white pudding")
G.add_edge("spam","black pudding")
G.add_edge("white pudding","black pudding")
G.add_edge("beans", "egg")
find_all_paths_lim(G,"beans","black pudding",3)

gives you

[['beans', 'egg', 'spam', 'black pudding']]


find_all_paths_lim(G,"beans","black pudding",4)
gives you
[['beans', 'egg', 'spam', 'white pudding', 'black pudding'],
['beans', 'egg', 'spam', 'black pudding']]

Note: loops are omitted and works on MultiDiGraphs (i.e. directed and multi-labeled NetworkX graphs).