-> Literally: “Nothing is eaten as hot as it is when cooked”
-> Meaning: “Things aren’t as bad as they initially appear to be”

This has so far been, and will be, one of the most difficult and challenging years for me, for us, ever. Some of it concerns people – and much, if not most of it, involves moolah.
– My job (which was never adopted with a view to any career in support, but has nonetheless served its purposes) will End.
– We (Sol and I) share a house with 3 other (nice, normal people) and one immensely intolerable gobshite.
– And so we really MUST move; life somehow has to go on in an environment we can call home, without feeling one has to avoid a certain person permanently, or that we have nigh on zero privacy. After which decision we quickly must absorb the fact that the absolute cheapest 1-bed dwelling available locally is €800/mth, two-beds from €950.
– I’m torn between spending time on trying to spark a career I want most, with relatively tiny apparent employment opportunity, and developing a career which I may still find interesting, but is my second and significantly less-preferred choice, with opportunities that are almost certainly better.
– We’ll almost certainly require two vehicles to facilitate our career development / establishment. Read provisional licenses as yet, Read mad insurance costs until that is resolved.
– PhD fees are insane. At least when you have to wait three feckin years to become Irishized. Costs for two people to do PhDs concurrently, well…

…and yet…. Life is GOOD. And if only for one reason which more than counterbalances everything else: Finally I can start out with my soulmate and the girl I love, finally we’ve reached a point where we can begin our lives together proper. It sees on one hand the culmination of 4 years of sharing, laughing, crying, flying, supporting, nurturing, strengthening. And on the other it witnesses the beginning of the rest of our lives as a married couple, and all which that encompasses. It’s got its scary bits, but it’s more than exciting, and it’s a journey I wouldnt give up for anything, or trade back against any of the decisions, sacrifices and compromises which have made it possible. We’ve had invaluable support over the last years from our friends, and for that we are so grateful – thankyou guys *points Limerickwards, Offalywards, Galwaywards and Balbrigganwards*; we really mean it!
We’ve beaten many difficulties and seen off some very hard times. And so I say to the rest of this year: Bring it On! 😛

…and almost forgot to mention – this year also rocks because I bought me a lovely little Happy Yellow Car of Doom. Und dat’s most wery vunderfoll, ja!