Well, it’s finally happened. I’d actually given up on it, and resigned myself to the ‘next best’ choice which was a PhD in Limerick – but I finally got me a job in the Media sector! So, my days with a certain large hard-disk manufacturer are drawing to a close. It’s been quite a long 2.5 years here – and it’s definitely, definitely time to move on.

The PhD would have been very interesting, I’d agreed on a topic and all – but it wasn’t my first choice. However I’d been trying to get into a media role for a long, long time with no success, and there’s only so much time and energy for such attempts and it was time to make tough decisions.

I heard an ad for the position with East Coast FM last Monday in my car on the way into work, called them, sent in a CV, got asked over for a chat (it’s just up the road) – went for a follow-up interview last friday, and got offered the position 🙂 The scope of the job is quite broad ( though it’s main focus is airtime ‘traffic’ – that is, liaising with clients (the advertisers) and scheduling ad airtime. And there’s some internal IT support, web designt/maintenance and production work on the side. Certainly I can’t see the role being boring. ‘Broad’ usually suits me just nicely 🙂