September 2006

Today is my last day on the support lines.  Hooray! Middle-East politics, specifically the topic of the why and how the mainstream US media projects a consistenly one-sided slant on the theme, then (if you have the time, and are in the mood for a very interesting documentary on the topic), skoosh along and watch this.

Two “small” annoyances have crossed my path since the last post. In no particular order they are:

Missing money:  A payment I made from my current account to my Visa account (with a different bank) never appeared.  I confirmed with AIB that the money had left my current account, and PTSB confirmed that there had been some issues with a ‘corrupted payments file’ but that the money would appear on the Visa account shortly. A couple of days and phonecalls later, still no money.  Today I called again, and I’m told they thought the issue had been resolved, but to check my account again at 17:00 and it should be there.  I must say this whole experience does little to bolster confidence in e-banking – the thought crossed my mind: how many times have I made transfers before and never checked whether they actually went through?  I checked the first few times I used the service, but…. I’m a little scared…. Anyone had similar e-banking irregularities?  Is it actually possible for money to go permanently missing if the customer doesnt realise it’s gone?

Transport: I’ll echo what Gareth says below; public transport in Ireland really IS utterly cack.  You’d think on an All-Ireland Final day that Bus Eireann would have laid on extra busses southbound Expressway routes yesterday evening… Poor Sol stood over two hours at Newlands cross; the first bus that arrived (half an hour late) told them it was full and drove on again.