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cgiirc tweak

Tuesday, January 10th, 2006


As ye’ve probably noticed, when someone logs in via cgiirc, you don’t get any useful information other than the nick they choose. If they use a nick you don’t recognise, you haven’t a clue who they are. In an effort to make things more transparent, i’ve made a tiny patch to cgiirc which sets the user’s realname field to be the same as the username they used for http auth.

For example, say i log on to cgiirc, and set my nick to ‘kormat’. When you do /whois, before today you’d see a line something like this:

— [kormat] (www-data@localhost) : CGI:IRC User

Now, you’ll see this:

— [kormat] (www-data@localhost) : diamond

I’ve done a small bit of testing, and it looks like the change shouldn’t cause any issues, but if it does, just let support@ know, ta.

— diamond (or possibly kormat)


This blog + imap security change

Friday, January 6th, 2006


This morning i noticed that we had an unsecured imap daemon listening on a publically accessible port. This has now been fixed so that it only listens on localhost (this is needed to allow the webmail clients to work). I don’t think this will affect anyone as no-one should have been using it anyway, but if it does, then now you know why ,-)

Also, i’ve just figured out how to get proper author attribution for posts on this blog. ‘Users’ -> ‘Authors & Users’ -> ‘Add user’. I typed in ‘diamond’, and it’s grabbed my existing account, so all i have to do is select ‘diamond’ from the ‘post author’ options on the ‘write post page’ and all should be good. This counts as a test entry for that -)


Damn. The username shows up fine in the blog admin pages, it doesn’t show at all on the actual blog, which is, well, useless.

— diamond