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June 19th, 2006

If you don’t care about blogs.nonado.net you can stop reading now.

There’s been a bunch of updates recently. One theme broke (which I’ve disabled) and signups are currently down and will be until I figure out exactly what changed and fix it – though in the meantime you can email support@nonado.net if you want a new account and I’ll set it up. Just bear in mind that I’m in the US for another week so expect delays. Yes I suck. It can’t be helped.
Otherwise everything seems stable :)

New stuff:
Imports work. If you’re switching from livejournal, blogspot etc, the import utility can import your posts. Some can import the comments too.

I also added a plugin that lets you customise the sidebar with some drag-n-drop widgets. Currently there are widgets for flickr, Last.FM, del.icio.us and more.
As always, if there’s a specific plugin or theme you want added, send a mail to support@nonado.net requesting it.

*Update*: I should probably mention where to find the widgets:
Login to your blog, choose ‘Presentation’ -> ‘Sidebar Widgets’. If the option isn’t there then your theme doesn’t support widgets (which means I haven’t edited the theme to support them. In that case feel free to mail me and I’ll get on it).

– Niall

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