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Upgrade success

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Wobble has been successfully upgraded from etch to lenny. Horrah.


Nonado will be down this sunday (2009-12-13) for maintenance

Monday, December 7th, 2009

To repeat what’s in the subject, nonado will be down for maintenance
this sunday (2009-12-13). If you don’t care about technical details,
you can stop reading now., the nonado host machine, is running debian etch.
Etch was released in 2007-04. It has since been superceeded by lenny,
released 2009-02. Support for etch will cease in 2010-02. As such,
wobble needs to be upgraded soon. However, as it is the host machine,
this cannot be realistically tested/simulated. As such, unexpected
issues may well pop up and need to be fixed/worked around on the day.
For this reason, i’m designating nonado as being offline for the
entire day. I’m hoping the actual downtime will only be a couple of
hours, but we’ll see.