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Upgrade success

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Wobble has been successfully upgraded from lenny to squeeze. Horrah.

Please let me know (via email or irc) if anything is not functioning as expected.

diamond: your main expected contribution is moral support :)
atlas: (Am I doing the moral support right?)
diamond: *giggle*


Nonado will be down this weekend (2012-05-26 & 27) for maintenance

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

(shamelessly reusing the text from the last time we did this ;)

To repeat what’s in the subject, nonado will be down for maintenance this weekend (2012-05-26 & 27). Hopefully the maintenance won’t take that long, but it’s not possible to predict. This blog will be updated again when the maintenance is complete, so please check back here. If you don’t care about technical details, you can stop reading now., the nonado host machine, is running debian lenny. Lenny was released in 2009-02. It has since been superceded by Squeeze, released 2011-02. Support for lenny ceased in 2012-02. As such, wobble needs to be upgraded soon. However, as it is the host machine, this cannot be realistically tested/simulated. As such, unexpected issues may well pop up and need to be fixed/worked around on the weekend. For this reason, i’m designating nonado as being offline for the entire weekend. I’m hoping the actual downtime will only be a couple of hours, but we’ll see.

For the extra-interested, nonado is currently using linux-vserver virtulisation to run a few virtual private servers (VPSes), including As linux-vserver is deprecated in Squeeze, we will be migrating these VPSes to a new technoloxy, LXC, over the next few months.