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Nonado outage 2012-09-25

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Earlier today Hetzner, our host, cut off access to nonado (and my other server with hetzner). Apparently there was a problem with my credit card details, and they had sent me 3 reminders. Unfortunately, those reminders never actually got delivered. I’ve sorted out the billing issue, and we’re back now.


Upgrade success

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Wobble has been successfully upgraded from lenny to squeeze. Horrah.

Please let me know (via email or irc) if anything is not functioning as expected.

diamond: your main expected contribution is moral support :)
atlas: (Am I doing the moral support right?)
diamond: *giggle*


Nonado will be down this weekend (2012-05-26 & 27) for maintenance

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

(shamelessly reusing the text from the last time we did this ;)

To repeat what’s in the subject, nonado will be down for maintenance this weekend (2012-05-26 & 27). Hopefully the maintenance won’t take that long, but it’s not possible to predict. This blog will be updated again when the maintenance is complete, so please check back here. If you don’t care about technical details, you can stop reading now., the nonado host machine, is running debian lenny. Lenny was released in 2009-02. It has since been superceded by Squeeze, released 2011-02. Support for lenny ceased in 2012-02. As such, wobble needs to be upgraded soon. However, as it is the host machine, this cannot be realistically tested/simulated. As such, unexpected issues may well pop up and need to be fixed/worked around on the weekend. For this reason, i’m designating nonado as being offline for the entire weekend. I’m hoping the actual downtime will only be a couple of hours, but we’ll see.

For the extra-interested, nonado is currently using linux-vserver virtulisation to run a few virtual private servers (VPSes), including As linux-vserver is deprecated in Squeeze, we will be migrating these VPSes to a new technoloxy, LXC, over the next few months.


Bob has left the building

Monday, May 26th, 2008

After a little over 4.5 years, has been shutdown, and is due to be reclaimed by the hosting company ( at the end of this month. Bob is dead, long live bob.


The Big Nonado Migration(tm)

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

So, today’s the big day. Steve and myself are all set up in the Nonado Control Bunker, working away tirelessly on migrating Nonado to the new server. We’ll be posting updates here throughout the day, so that you can keep track of what’s happening, and what’s currently affected. If you need us throughout the day, hop into #support, or if you need to contact us urgently, you can ring Steve on +353-87-286-3014 or myself on +353-87-990-0504.

11:10: We’re now shutting down the SMTP server. This means no outgoing or incoming mail for the next while. A short while after this, we’ll be killing all user processes (sorry!) and taking away write access to /home.

11:45 We’re now killing all processes that are using /home on bob, in preparation for doing the final copy across to hop. This includes apache, so all websites are gone too.

12:25 We noticed that some group ID numbers on bob clashed with groups on the new servers, so we’ve done the following:

  • Changed so that users are no longer in a group matching their usernames (e.g., atlas is no longer in the atlas group, that group no longer exists)
  • Searched the filesystem for files that had a group ownership of that group (e.g., files owned by atlas:atlas), and changed these to user’s primary group.
  • Any files that had a group ownership of that group AND WERE WRITABLE BY THAT GROUP were changed to have the group permission match the others permission (e.g., file owned by atlas:atlas, with permissions of 770 is now atlas:user with permissions of 700)

16:23 It’s all over bar the shouting. All major services have been migrated, dns has been updated accordingly, everything should be back up and running now. Let us know if you find anything that’s broken. One known issue is that hetzner seem to be blocking tcp port 6667 outbound. I’m not sure what we can do about that, but we’ll ask them and see if that can be removed.

Steve & Eoghan



Friday, March 21st, 2008

So, the long-discussed migration is now firmly underway. This post is being written on the new server, see how much shinier it seems (despite using the exact same software versions/configs etc)? Bob is dying, long live wobble!


h1 updates

Monday, June 19th, 2006

If you don’t care about you can stop reading now.

There’s been a bunch of updates recently. One theme broke (which I’ve disabled) and signups are currently down and will be until I figure out exactly what changed and fix it – though in the meantime you can email if you want a new account and I’ll set it up. Just bear in mind that I’m in the US for another week so expect delays. Yes I suck. It can’t be helped.
Otherwise everything seems stable :)

New stuff:
Imports work. If you’re switching from livejournal, blogspot etc, the import utility can import your posts. Some can import the comments too.

I also added a plugin that lets you customise the sidebar with some drag-n-drop widgets. Currently there are widgets for flickr, Last.FM, and more.
As always, if there’s a specific plugin or theme you want added, send a mail to requesting it.

*Update*: I should probably mention where to find the widgets:
Login to your blog, choose ‘Presentation’ -> ‘Sidebar Widgets’. If the option isn’t there then your theme doesn’t support widgets (which means I haven’t edited the theme to support them. In that case feel free to mail me and I’ll get on it).

– Niall


blogs search fixed

Monday, May 29th, 2006

Title says it all. If you find that search isn’t working on your blog yell and I’ll fix :)

– Niall


Comment spam

Friday, March 31st, 2006

I dunno how many of ye are getting it, but i’m getting about 2-3 spam comments per day on random blog posts of mine. Today i just noticed 4-5 spam comments that had managed to slip past the spam filter. Grr. So, i’ve changed the options on my own blog (and on this one) so that first-time commenters require moderation, but anyone who’s already posted doesn’t. It seems a fairly even balance between usability and not getting spam.

— diamond


Planet updates

Sunday, February 5th, 2006

Seems that the folks over at planetplanet have starting making some updates. OK, the feedparser is really old but it works so I’ve switched over to a nightly snapshot. I also told it to unfuck clean the generated HTML using mxTidy. Validation results here.
I’ll see if I can integrate a more recent feedparser at some stage, but for now all weird crap seems to have stopped.

Also, thanks to Gareth for finally using RSS2.0. No more planet flooding :)

– Niall