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1001 things to do with a Playstation 2

Monday, May 8th, 2006

I bought a rather strange Playstation 2 kit that consists of a Network Adapter, Eye-toy camera and several DVDs. So, I’ve proceeded to poke at the following things:

No. 127: Connect a Network adapter to my Playstation 2.

No. 131: Stick a DVD into my PS2 without knowing what it will run/do.

No. 132: Listen to/watch annoying tutorial clips.

No. 133: Use annoying menus to configure said network adapter / Playstation 2 so that it can access the Internet. This allegedly fails (no connection testing steps after the first failed one run)… but then:

No. 134: Connect to Sony’s servers.

No. 135: Go through the delights of registering with Sony Central Station (for some reason that name sounds ominous – they could have called it something more innocuous like Vicki)

No. 218: Plug in the USB eye-toy camera.

No. 371: Stick in a different random DVD with no idea what type of software will execute.

No. 372: Watch annoying intro clips.

No. 373: Reach start screen for eye-toy chat – network configuration successfully found on the memory card.

No. 142: Log-in to Sony Grand Central Station

No. 390: Download a software update that takes up a quarter of a €30 memory card.

No. 376: Connect to the Eye-toy chat “universe”…

No. 379: Denied entry because Sony Central Station account needs to be verified with a PIN that is being mailed (snail mail) to my house.


Anyways – I’m getting bored with this – so I think I’ll go and see what happens when I plug in the Eye-toy camera into my Windows box and run Skype or somesuch.

Yes – I probably need help.

Just wait till I acquire a cheap IDE HDD for the PS2…