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Next-generation consoles

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

If the DS (and particularly DS lite) is anything to go by, Nintendo may be laughing with the Wii (and ultimately the winner of the next generation). The Xbox 360 does not look like taking the world by storm anytime soon (although admittedly it is catching on in the US) – and once the PS3 is released, I can’t see the 360 having a bigger game library in the long run than the PS3 unless the PS3 really flops bigtime.

It seems certain the PS3 will not do anything like as well as the PS2. But I think the jury should be out on how it will go long-term. Those who mock the idea of its Blu-ray capabilities (e.g. “Who’s going to buy the same movies again as they already have on DVD”) are completely ignoring the “HD revolution”. Sure it is over-hyped, but the fact is that people are switching to HD TVs. People will soon enough want HD movie content.

It’s no foregone conclusion, but I think there is enough of a possibility of people getting a PS3 for combined gameplaying (and despite the nonsense, the PS3 will have plenty of games, and some good ones at that) and HD movie playing (in the same way people got PS2s partly based on the DVD playback).

Finally – $600? Well, this is 2006, everything costs more. And really, people who buy at launch for most things are just asking to be fleeced. However, as for me? You’ve got to be kidding – I do not see the point in buying either a Xbox360 or PS3 at current/planned prices. I’m tempted by the DS lite (but it’s halfway towards a new uber-graphics card for my PC) and the Wii sounds like being interesting/good value (but who knows just yet).