Titan Quest

September 30th, 2006

This game is just out and out fun. I do not think it can be criticised for anything beyond unoriginality (it is Diablo for 2006), linearity (this is a plus in my view – makes it simpler and an incentive to “clear out” areas), camera system (top down pretend isometric view of the 3D world – no camera rotate – just zoom in and out) and hardware requirements (well, this depends on whether you can be content with lower settings).

Everything I loved about Diablo is here – the character class/skills system, the equipment (the joys of juggling things with different attributes and ornamenting your armor for more), cool attacks and hordes of monsters. When you progress through the game, all of these areas get more and more impressive! The loot system is variable – but always you are looking for better items and acting as a cleptomaniac! Every item that the enemies wear or wield is dropped – but the bulk will be broken and worthless (you can still use it though). This allows you to just pick up the worthwhile items, and still have a battlefield littered with “stuff”.

The storyline is nice – the premise allows cool monsters based on real mythology, and the settings and scenery are beautiful to boot. The music is superb and adds to it all also. The game is every bit worth the money even if not groundbreaking, and will have longivity through its brilliant execution of all the best elements of the genre (or just Diablo!). There is an odd feel to it with the fixed camera angle – it feels partly like Diablo-era as a result, but anachronistically so with its intensive 3D graphics and physics engine (crowns dropped as loot will occasionally roll down a hill or such!) Finally; any game where you get to kill hordes of skeletons with ragdoll physics and breaking bones sounds wins!

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