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“The preferred format is encapsulated postscript”

Monday, December 11th, 2006

Ignoring the issue of why anyone would use Microsoft Word drawings…

Here’s a solution to providing encapsulated postscript (eps) diagrams when the source material is drawings in Microsoft Word: Draw

That’s it really. Admittedly the diagrams won’t necessarily quite be arranged the same, but a few tweaks fix that (if you survive the interface and find the settings you need to change on each object). OO Draw has a nifty feature (one that Word should have) to export in a variety of formats, including eps. Loading up with gsview and Jasc Paint Shop Pro (which annoyingly doesn’t have much sensible options for saving its own vector art; PSP7 merges to a single raster layer for eps) pretty much confirms a successful eps file.

And now for the irony; you can test the finished eps file by importing it in Microsoft Word. Yep, it does have eps support. You can Insert->Picture->From file… Not much reason as far as I can see for not being able to do the reverse (export a drawing from MS Word as eps). You can even edit in MS Word the drawing you just added from eps!

I’d test printing from various apps but it’s not something I need to concern myself with at present. I’m reasonably certain that the diagram will be properly drawn when printed from any of the above.