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Saturday, December 17th, 2005

Fun happenings in Northern Ireland, things don’t get much more bizarre than the recent few days [1] [2] (BBC). I think for once, Bertie Ahern speaks for most people when he says “I tell you, it even stretches my imagination at 4am in the morning”. This isn’t just an odd and amusing incident either, Ahern also points out that “This was a huge case, it doesn’t get much bigger than bringing down democratically elected institutions that people have voted for” [3] (Irish Times –

The mind boggles as to what’s likely to happen next. Perhaps an inquiry, but I think it’s quite unlikely anyone, Republican, Unionist, or Irish Government is going to find out just what on earth the British were up to. It doesn’t look like the British are going to tell us just what Sinn Féin were up to either.

It makes McDowell’s recent actions [4] [5] (RTÉ) look entirely ordinary and straightforward by comparison.